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Driveway Replacement

At Lake Norman Custom Concrete one of our specialties is replacing old busted up driveways. Precisely removing old ones with little to no disturbance.

We understand that families are not wanting to make the investment to replace an old driveway but also understand that at some point it becomes a need.

Our experienced staff will help walk you through the process from initial estimate, all the way through completed install.

Our fully licensed and insured concrete specialists are known for everything that is concrete and masonry.

We are the best driveway replacement contractors serving the Lake Norman market. We look forward to helping you with your driveway replacement project. 

Driveway Extension

Are you looking for more space in your driveway? Many families find themselves out growing there driveways and need to make it bigger. We are professionals and experts at the highest level when it comes to helping you expand your driveway.

The process is simple, it just starts by giving us a call so we can help you grow your current driveway!

We are Lake Norman's Best driveway extension company!
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